The Ninth Candle’s Launch Event!

The Ninth Candle will officially launch on January 30th, 2021! Tune in at 5:00pm CST to hear welcome remarks from Dr. Aubrey Daniels (Board Member); reflections on The Ninth Candle's inaugural education programs from Mr. Scott Sandoval; and a discussion and Q&A with Founder Dr. Luke Berryman (Founder) and Ms. Sarah Palomo (Board Member). 

Critical Thinking & the Holocaust

Why does the Auschwitz Memorial Museum keep having to ask people not to take selifes inside the camp? Why was there a "Holocaust trend" on Tik Tok in 2020? And How is social media and pop culture impacting Gen Z's understanding of the Holocaust? This free program is aimed principally at teachers of students in…

The Future of Holocaust Education in the United States

The Ninth Candle is proud to be partnering with the Consulate General of Israel to the Midwest and 3GNY for a virtual roundtable discussion on the future of Holocaust education in the United States. As the world prepares to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day, we ask, does Holocaust education still matter, and what lies ahead…


Teaching the Holocaust: Navigating Resources for Inquiry-Based Learning


Politicians are rallying around the necessity of Holocaust education - but how exactly are schools meant to teach it? Earlier this year, New York state Senator Anna Kaplan said that "the lessons of the Holocaust are more important today than ever before, as we all watch in horror as a peaceful European nation is invaded…