Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in The Ninth Candle! We hope that you will find an answer to your question below; but if not, you should feel free to contact us by emailing

Are you a religious organization?

No, The Ninth Candle is not a religious organization; but we are an organization that promotes religious tolerance. We believe that people of all faiths and none can enjoy, learn from, and respect Judaism as a centuries-old body of collective wisdom. We do not advocate for any belief system, neither are we trying to convert anyone to any belief system.

Can I report a hate crime to The Ninth Candle?

The Ninth Candle is not a criminal justice organization, and we do not offer legal services. If you have suffered antisemitic abuse or violence, or if you have been a victim of any other hate crime, then we would encourage you to pursue justice by contacting your local authorities. We do want to hear your story, though, and to amplify your voice in our program materials. If you have experienced antisemitism and would like to tell us about it, then please get in touch by emailing us on

When are your programs?

You can arrange the date and time of your own program, tailored to your school or business, by contacting us on You can check out all our upcoming public events by visiting our calendar.

How is The Ninth Candle handling the pandemic?

We were born in the pandemic, and we have been shaped by it too. In light of its current status, our events will be conducted virtually until at least October, 2021. When in-person events commence, the safety protocols will be guided by the latest CDC guidelines. You can read our full statement on the pandemic here.

Where do you stand on Israel?

Our first concern regarding Israel is to promote constructive, respectful discussion about it, free of antisemitic myths and stereotypes.

Do you offer any educational travel or study abroad programs?

Not yet, but we have plans in the works to offer innovative educational travel and study abroad programs once the pandemic has alleviated, which we hope will be by the summer of 2022.

Shouldn’t antisemitism be spelled “anti-Semitism”?

No. This is how it was spelled by the first antisemitic organizations in the late 19th century. The capitalization of the “s” in “semite” was meant to show their belief that Judaism was a race, and the dash in “anti-Semite” was meant to show their opposition to this race. We think it is a mistake to use their terminology. We recognize antisemitism as a category of racism, but we wholeheartedly reject its supposed logic. Hence, there is no dash, and there is no capitalization of the “S,” in any of our literature.

Do you charge any fees?

Our programs for educators are free, irrespective of the type of school at which the educator works – and they always will be. We charge reasonable fees for our programs for businesses. These vary according to the scale and nature of the programs requested.

Where does the money from fees and donations go?

The Ninth Candle is a young organization; at present, money from fees and donations goes entirely toward ensuring our future, covering the costs of running our free programs for educators, and of running our website, and digital outreach, and our efforts to grow.