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The work that you do is inspired – it’s so important to meet students and teachers where they are, and to find approaches that speak to their needs, questions, concerns, experiences, and learning curves. Good for you for providing alternatives to rubric kinds of antisemitism work.

High School Religious Studies Teacher

I think I can speak for everyone when I say we really do
appreciate the time you took to really talk to us about
something that was such a vital moment in history, which isn’t
always the easiest topic to teach. But it’s really amazing of you
and The Ninth Candle to keep on spreading that awareness and
telling the stories of those who went unheard. Props to you

9th grade student

I fully recommend these educational programs for both students and staff. [Dr. Berryman] connected with our students and challenged us as a community to think about our responsibility to preserving the past.

8th grade Literature & Language Teacher

The presentation was very eye-opening and enlightening. I learned a lot about Jewish resistance during the Holocaust and how some people were brave and tried to stand up in times of great terror, pain, and suffering. I also realized how the Holocaust’s impact cannot be determined because its repercussions are still being felt today. One thing that really stuck with me is that the Jewish people were seen as “meek lambs” but that is not true, and justice from the Holocaust is difficult to answer/determine because the Holocaust was very terrible, and complex.

8th grade student

It was very beneficial to understand the Holocaust in a different way, changing my previous view on what occurred

10th grade student

Our teachers gathered feedback from our students and they really enjoyed it! Thank you again.

High School Head of Social Studies

Thank you for taking time to teach us about the Holocaust. I learned about so many details that had been brushed over, so enlightening!

9th grade student

It was great. Thank you for working with our students!

High School Principal