Beliefs & Values

Beliefs & Values

We seek to educate, to foster respectful discussion of difficult questions, and to build ties between communities. We believe in knowledge, participation, and discussion, and we value rehabilitation, reconciliation, and relationships. You can read about our commitment to diversity here.



Antisemitism is a myth that takes root in ignorance. Knowledge is the best cure for ignorance, and so it is the best cure for antisemitism.


Anyone can appreciate, enjoy, and participate in Judaism’s rich cultural history, and gain from its philosophical depth, whether they are Jewish or not, and whether they are religious or not.


Civilized, respectful discussion is crucial to the survival of American democracy. Asking and answering difficult questions can create pathways to knowledge.



Whether they happen in schools or in businesses, we believe that many antisemitic incidents have the potential to be learning opportunities that will lead to reconciliation.


We seek to restore and renew our collective relationship with Jewish cultures and traditions.


Wherever they are in the world, we aim to inspire people of all faiths and none to build lasting, meaningful relationships with the Jewish people and communities around them.