We are currently open to applications to join our Board of Directors.

Who we are

The Ninth Candle is a 501(c)3 organization registered as a charity in the state of Illinois. Our mission is to end antisemitism by sharing knowledge. We fulfil this mission principally through our free educational programs for schools.

We formed in September 2020, and we have made significant inroads into the landscape of American education since then. You can find out more about us by subscribing to our newsletter or by following us on social media; checking out the articles we’ve written for The Chicago Tribune, The New York Daily News, The Jerusalem Post, and others; or watching the video of our virtual launch event.

The Ninth Candle is committed to using nonaggressive language. We do not set out to “fight,” “combat,” or “tackle” anyone – but this should not be mistaken for passivity. We are challenging the status quo in American Holocaust education, by moving away from one-size-fits-all lesson plans on familiar topics, and toward a more consultative process designed to meet the needs of each individual school. We are particularly committed to addressing the myths that blight the American public’s understanding of the Holocaust, not least by casting a spotlight on Jewish resistance during the Nazi era.

Who we’re hoping to find

To mark our first anniversary, we are seeking to grow our Board of Directors. This is an exciting opportunity to join a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is still in the early stages of its development, but that has already captured the imagination of a large audience.

The Ninth Candle’s CEO and its Board of Directors work together as a strategically minded collective. They seek to grow the organization by building relationships with schools and educators, and by identifying and securing the financial resources it needs to expand. Energized by The Ninth Candle’s mission, Directors call on their existing networks of connections, and actively build new ones, to steer the organization into its future.

A successful candidate for the Board of Directors will be someone who:

  • Values professional and personal achievement, and who can tell us about the innovative things they have done in education, or in business, governmental, humanitarian, philanthropic, or other sectors.
  • Can bring new ideas to the table to support The Ninth Candle’s ongoing efforts to grow and to raise awareness of its mission. 
  • Has an ability to guide the tactical growth of audiences, and who preferably has a sophisticated understanding of social media platforms. 
  • Is confident in their ability to grow a new nonprofit organization, and who preferably has experience of building donor bases and securing large grants and funding.
  • Seeks to build bridges between communities, is driven by the prospect of sharing knowledge, and is ready to challenge the status quo in 21st-century education.

How it will work

Upon election, new Directors on The Ninth Candle’s Board all serve an initial term of one year. At the conclusion of this initial term, they may serve for an additional four-year term by mutual consent with the President and the rest of the Board. The Board meets quarterly, and Directors are expected to attend at least three of those meetings. Considering the pandemic, Board meetings are held virtually, and they will remain virtual for the foreseeable future. Beyond regular Board meetings, Directors of The Ninth Candle are expected to contribute actively to the fulfilment of the organization’s mission.

Directors make their contributions without remuneration, and they currently pay no annual dues. There will be limited costs in relation to any required duties that arise. Please note that Directors are required to be legal permanent residents of the United States of America.

The process and the timeframe

Candidates should send a resume and a cover letter in a single PDF attachment to The Ninth Candle’s Board of Directors at by Friday October 29th, 2021. Any questions should also be sent to this address. Interviews will be held over Zoom in November. We aim to announce new additions to our Board of Directors in December.

Merle’s Rule

The Ninth Candle treats history as a tool for healing wounds in the present. Through our programs and workshops, we aim to spread compassion, empathy, and understanding. We are passionate about embracing diversity and promoting it across the United States. That is why we have written special protocols into our Bylaws – our governing constitution – that we know as Merle’s Rule. The Ninth Candle will always seek the most diverse possible pool of applicants, for vacancies at Board level and for all roles within the organization. We are also committed to working with and employing people of all faiths and none. Antisemitism is a symptom of failing education systems, political divisions, and broken communities. As such, it is everyone’s problem. We can only end it by working together, and by embracing a diverse range of experiences, ideas, and perspectives.