The content of our programs varies according to the participants and their needs. That said, they all provide actionable knowledge of antisemitism, its history, and how to address it; the Holocaust, how and why it happened, and why it still matters today; and the lived experience of antisemitism and antisemitic discrimination. You can read more about our program philosophy here.

Programs for teachers and students

The Ninth Candle offers two types of programs for teachers and students, both of which are completely free of charge.

  1. Professional development events for teachers. These events are designed to equip teachers of various grades and subjects with materials for teaching the Holocaust in new and engaging ways.
  2. Educational classroom visits for any grade from 6 through 12. Content is agreed in collaboration with the school. Visits might provide an introduction to the Holocaust, or they might provide a “deep dive” with enrichment or extension for a History class. They can also tie in with curricula for subjects as diverse as Art, Critical Thinking, and Literature.

To learn more about our upcoming events for teachers, and to register for your place, please visit our calendar.

To begin planning your free class visit from The Ninth Candle, please contact us on

Workshops for businesses

Our diversity and inclusion workshops for businesses are collaborative, and they are designed to improve workplace culture and to deepen understanding of antisemitism in the workplace. The Ninth Candle offers two types of workshops for businesses.

  1. Workshops designed as part of a response to a specific incident. These are tailor-made for each company, and they can include active participation from clients to help them understand the history of antisemitism in the workplace, and how to address it.
  2. General workshops designed to provide personal and professional development through interaction with advanced material. A sample workshop might include topics like why antisemitic myths have been on the rise since the turn of the 21st century, and how to recognize and address them in the workplace. We will work with you to tailor workshops to your company’s specific needs, and we welcome the opportunity to enhance any existing diversity training.

Please reach out to info@theninthcandle to arrange an initial 30-minute consultation free of charge.

We are committed to making every event fully accessible to everyone. Please let us know at the time of registering if you have any special requirements of which we should be aware. You can read more about our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion here.